Week no. 5

It’s always a struggle for me to get motivated by the new year after the chaos of the holiday season. But 2019 promises to be the best yet for so many reasons. The start of this year is all about slowing down and indulging in self care. Here’s a list of the resolutions I’ve been maintaining—but more a collection of strategies I’ve found help me achieve a greater sense of mindfulness.

no. 1 / The suggestions outlined in this article, “Strategies for Creating a Mindful Morning Routine,” really helped me slow down each morning (and night before) and have a more mindful start to each day. I’ve been reading most nights instead of spending time online and I find myself feeling so much more rested in the morning. I’m also trying to check my email less on the weekends, which has led to feeling more present in this moments.

no. 2 / I purchased a seasonal unlimited pass to a local yoga studio, Watershed Wellness, and have been going three times a week. As a result, I’m feeling much more relaxed and less achy.

no. 3 / I’m also trying to start my mornings off in a more health conscious way by only having one cup of coffee and making a version of this chia oat bowl recipe. So delicious and energizing.

no. 4 / I’m resolving to get more involved in my community and want to start taking some ceramic classes and start volunteering in some capacity.

no. 5 / I (finally) treated myself to ad-free Spotify and it’s helping reduce my screen time by listening to more music and podcasts. Overall, spending less time with distracting tv shows I’ve already seen on in the background is huge progress for me.

no. 6 / My husband and I are determined to finish some lingering house projects we keep putting off, one of which is tiling the backsplash in our kitchen and putting up open shelving. I’m gathering inspiration like this and this.

no. 7 / I’m determined to find more joy in the small things. Actions as simple as lighting a candle (my favorite right now is Teakwood by Lightwell Co.), taking a moment to soak in a sunset, trying a new recipe, integrating a new ritual into my daily routine, or spending more time with friends, have all been making me smile more frequently.

image from Rowen & Wren