Week no. 23

no. 1  /  New products hit the Taiga Press shop this week! My favorites are this Ikebana-inspired Thank You Card and the Mexican Tile Series, a collaboration with the Portland-based shop, Via Raiz. I'll write a more detailed post next week with a roundup of all the new designs and some styled photos. 

no. 2  /  Just over a week away from my one-month tour of Copenhagen and Stockholm. I recently came across this guide to Copenhagen by Wit & Delight. Would love any suggestions if you have any! I'll be using these weekly posts as a sort of guide to both cities once I'm there, so stay tuned...

no. 3  /  Today is my man's birthday. Looking forward to celebrating with him tonight by trying the latest eatery in Astoria, Busu, a Japanese Izakaya style dining window. Hopefully the rain holds off so we can sit at the counter!

no. 4  /  Thanks to Seven Sisters, a sweet shop in Portland, for posting this article from the Guardian about abuse among garment workers for Gap and H&M in south Asia. A continual reminder of how important it is to support responsibly-made products from ethically transparent supply chains.

no. 5  /  Caved and bought a pair of the Day Glove shoes from Everlane for my trip. After reading the reviews, it was hard to say no. And the hash tag associated with them is #alldamnday, so they must be good travel shoes!

no. 6  /  Really digging the work of Alessandra Taccia at the moment (pictured).

no. 7  /  Feeling overwhelmed by everything I need to get done before I leave on my trip. I made a print schedule yesterday and it's intense. I have to print two to three projects a day and I'm already behind. Always seeking inspiration for a better work-life balance. 

no. 8  /  Such a great blog post from a favorite fellow paper goods provider, Of Note Stationers, about taking time to appreciate nature and share it through a hand written letter. Can't wait to carve out time for this therapeutic practice in Stockholm.

image by Alessandra Taccia