Week no. 22


no. 1  /  I've been trying to put together a sort of capsule wardrobe inspired by StyleBee's 10x10 Challenge for my month-long Scandinavian trip and just ordered this blousethis top, this bodysuit, these shoes, this cardigan, and this work jacket to be a part of it. Feeling the natural, neutral palette this summer. Thinking about adding these shoes to the lot too.

no. 2  /  Also, finally invested in some adult luggage: the Away Carry-On.

no. 3  /  Can't wait to read Michael Pollan's latest book, How to Change Your Mind, after I give it to my husband for his birthday.

no. 4  /  I'm ceramic obsessed and saving up for a teapot from Ghost Wares

no. 5  /  Speaking of ghosts, excited to frequent this Gast Café while in Stockholm.

no. 6  /  Wrapping up some custom card and print designs for the knitting shop, The Net Loft, in Cordova, Alaska for their upcoming FisherFolk Festival that I can't wait to share. Think wildflowers and foraging...

no. 7  /  Sent out wholesale orders to stockists Liten in Seattle and Stocklist in Tacoma this week. 

no. 8  /  Been on an Instant Pot kick and can't stop making this Herbed Chickpea Plov recipe from 101 Cookbooks.


Image from Ghost Wares.