Week no. 21

A little late to start, but I've decided to write a weekly reflection post. I do not keep a journal but I wish I did, as I am terrible at remembering things. Hopefully these posts will allow me to look back on my year and reflect on what inspired me, how I grew, and what I accomplished. And maybe they will help inspire you, too.

no. 1 /  I have been researching things to do in Copenhagen (we'll be there from June 19-24; if you have an suggestions, let me know) and came across this Picasso Ceramics exhibit at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Sadly we're going to miss it, but I'm dying to get my hand on the still life prints from the exhibition.

no. 2  /  I'm working on a brand development project for a flower farm in Coralles, New Mexico, and I'm learning a lot about flowers that grow in the southwest in the process. New favorites are phlox, chocolate lace, and scabiosa.

no. 3 /  Can't stop listening to Courtney Barnett's latest album, Tell Me How You Really Feel

no. 4  /  On the hunt for the perfect travel shoe. Must be stylish, comfortable, and versatile. Suggestions?

no. 5  /  I recently had a reunion with my graduate school friends and I'm feeling more out of touch with my Anthropology studies than ever before. I want to get back to my ethnographic roots, so I ordered this issue of Gastronomica, which focuses on food studies in the Post-Soviet realm, the topic of my graduate thesis.

no. 6  /  Speaking of Anthropology, I have now listened to the episode, "This Is Your Brain on Sex," of On Being with Helen Fisher multiple times. Her research on modern love and her findings from the Singles in America study are fascinating.

no. 7  /  These patchwork quilts by Thompson Street Studio are stunning. I want to hang one in our stairwell. One day I will take up quilting and this will be my primary source of inspiration.

no. 8  /  Hiked the Cascade Head Trail this past weekend while visiting my sister in Neskowin. I forgot how gorgeous these sweeping valley views are. It's Sound of Music meets the Oregon Coast.

no. 9  /  Future aspirations: Build a retreat home somewhere beautiful, like these ones (pictured above) by Go Logic in Maine.


Photo by Trent Bell via Contemporist