Järvsösöm is a regional style of Swedish folk embroidery that emerged in the mid-1800's. It comes from the town of Järvsö, a small ski destination in the eastern part of the country. Characterized by intricate and repetitive stitching, järvsösöm features interweaving floral and leaf patterns. Historically the stitching was done using red yarn, which overtime has faded into the pale pink you see in preserved pieces today. This satin stitch primarily adorned bed linens, such as sheets and pillows. Embroidered sheets hung low along the side of the bed facing the room, like a bed skirt, for display. These ornamental touches reflected social status in wealthy homes and the domestic skill and craftsmanship of Järvsö farm women.

My interpretation of järvsösöm is a combination of folk and modern. I took pattern inspiration from the wabi-sabi nature of hand-embroidered järvsö stitching but the result is updated: clean, geometric, and linear. I hope you like them! You can shop the series of letterpress cards inspired by Swedish embroidery here.